The most important feature of the coffee is its aroma. This is the reason why the real estimators of coffee are very careful in keeping its fragrance.
For the most part the coffee is sold in vacuum-sealed pack. After its opening nevertheless we have the problem to fill our espresso coffee maker and preserve the fragrance of the left coffee powder. Mr Coffee is a batcher pot designed on purpose to help filling the coffee filter and keeping the coffee fragrance at its best as well.

  First you need to remove the lower cap of the coffee batcher; then, after filling the coffee maker with water, you put the batcher pot on the filter and turn the front lever. In this way the coffee powder settles on the filter; now, by releasing the lever, the plastic cap presses the coffee powder and the espresso coffee maker is now ready to be closed and put on the stove.
  Mr Coffee is made of non-toxic plastic and it can contain 250 gr of coffee powder, equivalent to a single packet. The upper rubber cap guarantees an hermetic seal. The grooves on the bottom allow us to use different kinds and capacities of espresso coffee makers (1-12 demitasses).