For those who don’t have breath to waste or don’t want to risk to burn the house.
Squary and Roundy create special cakes where is easy to write the number of years with
cream or chocolate.
  Squary is a cake pan for square people who are coherent and serious; Roundy is for more
creative and romantic one.
Both molds are in silicone and they have the outlines of the numbers on the bottom.
  Pour the cake mix in the pan, place in the oven and bake.
Once cooked, remove the pan and fill the cavities in order to create the desired number
and then decorate the cake.
  0 - 99
  A cake for life! Filling the cavities with tasty cream, chocolate or jam a number between 0
and 99 will be displayed on the top of the cake in order to celebrate any birthday.